Employee Profile


National Sales Manager Frozen Seafood Division/ East and West Coasts

Sabrina started with the company back in 1993 as a data entry clerk in which she advanced into operations and shipping then into fresh seafood sales and purchasing. In 1999, she took a brief departure but returned the following year as the Frozen Seafood Buyer. Part of her responsibilities has also included overseeing the important task as the Corporate HACCP Coordinator for all corporate companies.

Sabrina has been married to Jason for 22 years and has three children ages 24, 22, and 18. She spent much of her life focusing on work and being a mother by helping her children with their daily lives and various sports activities: football, baseball, softball, basketball, wrestling and judo.

Her fellow co-workers describe her as being one that loves to interact with others, is outgoing and fun to be with. She enjoys dancing and music and is always there to lend a hand and help anyone out.

Sabrina describes Hilo Fish Company as "a HUGE part of my life. They are my family!"


General Manager/Corporate HACCP and Safety Coordinator

Jamiesen "Jamo" Batangan has been with Hilo Fish since July 14, 2001. He first became the Warehouse Supervisor in June 10, 2002 and promoted to Warehouse/Sales Manager on April 14, 2005. He has recently been promoted to Corporate HACCP Coordinator and Safety Coordinator. His job duties include overseeing and maintaining all HACCP regulations at each of the processing facilities located in Hawaii (Hilo, Kona, Honolulu, Maui, and Kauai). He ensures that all records are maintained and up-to-date and oversees manager and staff training for HACCP duties as well as all safety regulations. He works closely with each of the processing facilities to make sure they are prepared and in compliance for any type of third party audit such as Avendra, military inspections, etc. Jamo is also certified as a Trainer for Forklift Operators and CPR Certified.

David D.M. Yee

Corporate Buyer

David has been the Corporate Buyer for ten years. He is constantly sourcing quality products at affordable prices for the customer and ensures that the inventory is always fully replenished. He purchases products from Hawaii, mainland U.S. and Japan. He truly embraces his job and always wants to be of assistance to the valued client and staff.

He was previously the Big Island Manager of Meadow Gold Dairies for thirty-one years and left in 2007. David is originally from Honolulu and left in 1987. He attended Farrington High School, Leeward Community College and the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

On his spare time, he is an avid photographer and assists the Department of Parks & Recreation of the County of Hawaii. He specializes in photos of people and landscapes.

He is married with two children and two grandchildren. He has a strict health regimen and works out five days a week and has a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.

Karen Sales

Frozen Inventory Manager

Karen has been with the company for ten years where she began as the assistant to the Operations Manager. She is a Liberal Arts graduate of Hawaii Community College of Hilo and attended school while working full time at the Hilo Fish Company. She quickly progressed in the company from the Inventory Assistant, Frozen Import Purchasing Manager then to her current position. She will be attending HCC on Fall Semester to obtain an Associate in Arts degree (AA) in Accounting while working full time once again. Her goal is to be very conversant in the field of accounting and to use her skills to further contribute to the company.

She arrived in Hawaii eighteen years ago from Manila and attended Waiakea High School. When she is not working, she enjoys being with her friends, loves to sing karaoke and dances the hula for her church. She says, "I love Friday because that's my diva's night with my friends and Sunday is all about spending quality time with my family."

Colette Aguiar

Operations Manager

Fresh Import and Domestic Logistics

Colette has been with the company for twenty-two years where she worked in accounts payable, accounts receivables, fresh inventory and all fresh imports.

She attended Hilo High School and has an Associate Degree in Accounting from the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

She thoroughly enjoys her job as she is constantly in contact with industry representatives from around the world and travels frequently to the mainland U.S. Her travels include product shows and implementing and training staff on the latest accounting system at offices in Los Angeles and New Jersey which are owned by CMU & Associates, the parent company of the Hilo Fish Company.

She is married with two girls and her time off is spent with family and friends.

Shane Chew

Dry Production Manager

Shane has been with the company for three years. He oversees the drying production of various items such as opelu, aku, ahi boshi, marlin, salmon belly and akuli. The growing demand has resulted in installing state-of-the-art equipment which Shane oversees until 2:00 a.m. at times! The dryers will create 400 pounds in twelve hours. He also is tasked with overseeing the new Snap-n-Eat dried product with a long shelf life and available at major supermarkets on all islands. Shame estimates 1,600 pounds of aku is dried each week and the demand is increasing.

He attended Hilo Union Elementary, Intermediate and High School then became a Weapons System Specialists in the United States Air Force for six years. His previous jobs included a loan officer at Beneficial Financial and in advertising for AT & T in Alabama. Upon his return to Hilo, he started with the Hilo Fish Company as a driver then night time supervisor.

On his day off, Shane enjoys hitting the highway on his motorcycle and body boarding.

Rusty Ann Smith

Frozen Import Purchasing Manager

Rusty is originally from Hilo has been with the Hilo Fish Company for one-and-a half years after living in Toronto, Canada for three years. She started as the assistant to the Frozen Inventory Manager until January of 2017.

She has an extensive background in the food and beverage industry as she managed restaurants in Kona, Waimea and Mauna Lani on the Big Island.

This hands-on involvement has made for a perfect complement to the position she holds as she understands the wholesale and retail side of this complex industry.

She attended Waiakea High School and has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University.

She concentrates on the larger container orders that are sold on the mainland and in Hawaii and specializes on the company's private label brands (Krimson Premium Seafood and REELFresh). Rusty Ann also stays current on new government regulations and ensures accountability, sustainability and traceability for the company.

When she is free, she enjoys spending quality time with her eight-year-old daughter Ella.

Jolene Aurelio

Frozen Logistics Manager

Jolene has been with Hilo Fish Company for nineteen years and started in the Fresh Fish Imports departments. She eventually began working in the Frozen Imports department and now serves at the Frozen Logistics Manager.

Her current position requires much attention to detail and ensuring the many movement parts work properly. Jolene must oversee several details such as the freight process, trucking of goods, consolidation on the mainland west coast to Hawaii and making sure there is a proper paper trail for all transactions.

When she is not working, Jolene loves to watch movies. Some Sundays are spent binging on Netflix or renting movies she has not seen. She is married to Jeffrey and is a proud mother of four, ages three to twenty. She says she has a very “sports family” so much of her time has always been engaging, encouraging and watching her children in football, baseball, track and cheerleading. All while working full time at Hilo Fish Company.

Kelsie Chang

Frozen Logistics Assistant

Kelsie has been with Hilo Fish Company for a little over one year where she serves as a Frozen Logistics Assistant. She began working at an early age when she was still in the eleventh grade. She is a graduate of Waiakea High School and is currently a student at Hawaii Community College where she will graduate with a Liberal Arts Degree. She plans to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Administration of Justice at the University of Hawaii in Hilo while working full time at the company. Prior to Hilo Fish Company, she was an Educational Assistant with the East Hawaii Regional Education Department at Hilo High School and a Para Professional Tutor at Kapiolani Elementary School in Hilo. When she is not working, Kelsie enjoys spending time with her daughter.