Our Products

Quality First

The premium quality you receive begins the moment our fish are caught. A careful fish grading system, enforced by QC staff on location at each vendor's supply point, brings us the wholesome product that our name brands have come to represent. Our focus is not volume, but quality. Past experience has shown that a quality control presence and traceability throughout the value chain will help guarantee our customers a desirable and safe product.

Fresh Fish

Hilo Fish Company is a major importer of quality fresh seafood. We source heavily out of the South Pacific in addition to countries in Southeast Asia.

West Coast Clientele

Fresh product cargo is flown into Los Angeles where our sales office and facility conveniently located just five minutes away from the Los Angeles International Airport.

All fresh fish are carefully checked and graded upon receiving then shipped according to our customers' orders. Our products are stored in coolers and shipped by Commodity Forwarders, Inc. to offer customers pick up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or speedy delivery so that your custom order will reach your doorstep when you need it!

East Coast Clientele

We also have a sales office in New Jersey. From this hub, we can provide the same fresh seafood with the same quality assurance to all of those located on the East Coast of the United States.

Everywhere In Between

Just because you or your business isn't located on a coastline doesn't mean you have to settle for less. Give either one of our sales offices a call, and we would be happy to help you with all of your seafood needs.

The following species are fish we carry fresh on a consistent basis:

Bigeye Tuna Mahi Mahi Opakapaka
Yellowfin Tuna Wahoo Onaga
Bluefin Tuna Opah (Moonfish) Ehu
Albacore Escolar Lehi
Swordfish Uku

Frozen, Imported Seafood

Hilo Fish carries a wide variety of fish species, cuts and sizes. Vendors worldwide process these fish using tasteless smoke unique process that filters wood smoke through chilled water to remove heat and smoke taste or CO. These processes preserve the color, taste and texture for up to 12 months.

To deliver premium quality to our customers, we source from vendors who use advanced brine, nitrogen, or blast freezing methods at cryogenic temperatures to rapidly accelerate freezing. These methods retain color, meat texture, and moisture to favor that pleasant "mouth-feel" of just-caught fish.

All frozen inventory is maintained in port cities on each coast of the US with easy access to major highways and airports, thus decreasing transit time and cost. Only state of the art freezer facilities with fully redundant refrigeration systems are employed; this link in the value chain helps insure that product integrity is maintained from the factory through delivery.

Our Brands

Krimson and Reelfresh

Our signature Krimson brand seafood is the highest quality product available anywhere. Chefs worldwide rely on Krimson's consistent quality and exact portions.
Reelfresh products provide high quality in packaging and price level tailored for institutional or retail use.

Make sure you have Krimson? or Reelfresh? boxes in your freezer

Krimson Reelfresh

Frozen Seafood

In Hawaii, Hilo Fish supplies a full range of frozen seafood products, fresh specialty items as well as our full Krimson and Reelfresh product lines. Some of the additional products we offer include:

Shrimp Oysters Poke Cubes
Scallops Clams Tobikko
Crab Squid Ocean Salad
Smoked Salmon Tako Akule