Sustainable Seafood

Eating sustainable seafood is an easy way to help support the environment just by choosing wisely. Sustainable seafood is that which comes from places that do not harm the long-term survival of fish species and their ecosystems. It has benefits for the environment, health, and the world's poor.

BENEFITS for the environment:

Overfishing is causing 70% of fish species to be fished close to or at their capacity. Certain methods of fishing pollute and degrade entire ocean ecosystems. In fact, if current trends continue, the populations of almost all seafood will collapse by 2048. Eating sustainable seafood alleviates some of these stresses on the environment.

BENEFITS for your health:

Seafood is great for your health, and the American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week. Fish caught unsustainably tends to be from a species higher up on the food chain, which absorb higher concentrations of toxic pollution.

BENEFITS for the world's poor:

Over 120 million people worldwide rely on the fishing trade for all or part of their income. Plus, fish is the primary source of protein for one in five people worldwide. However, with overfishing and environmental degradation, the quantity and quality of fish able to be farmed is much lower across the planet than it once was. Sustainable seafood ensures the long-term survival of the millions of people tied to the industry.